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ISTEP 2014 Trip : A Glimpse of Camping, ASR Style

The above photo shows the tent Mahy and classmates Laboni, Reshma, and Sukhanpreet successfully set up after several attempts.

The above photo, taken by Mahy, shows Laboni and Shriraj enjoying their time in canoe boats.

The above photo, taken by Laboni, shows Mahy sitting and posing in a canoe.

The above photo shows a view of the area which the ASR class conducted most of its field work through out the duration of the trip.



Lab Work

photo 1

The above photo shows Mahy mixing organic matter into 200 mL of sand.

photo 2

The above photo shows Mahy measuring the height, length, and width of clams and recording them into a notebook for further analysis.

photo 3

The above photo shows each sand container placed into the large aquarium tank.

photo 4

The above photo shows Mahy measuring the organic matter in grams.


The above photo shows Mahy taking notes and recording data onto a paper.


Welcome To MCSM Marine

In Fall of 2013, Mahy Elaskandrany was accepted into a mentor-ship with a professor at Baruch College. The mentor-ship will focus mainly on shellfish biology, physiological ecology of bivalves.

Purpose: Researching about river organisms can help restore them back into their natural environment, which will balance out and create a healthy ecosystem.